Standing Committees

The Standing Committees are elected governance bodies that undertake the actions necessary to meet the ongoing obligations and responsibilities of the Faculty with respect to its own governance, the governance of students and the maintenance of high education standards. The committees are comprised of elected representatives and ex-officio members and meet regularly, typically monthly, through the academic year and during the summer.

There are fifteen (15) Standing committees that have been formed and charged with duties pertaining to the aspects and functions of faculty governance of academic matters – the governance of students and the maintenance of high educational standards – and general matters of its own governance. The ongoing governance of academic matters is undertaken by the nine (9) Standing Committee of the Academic Faculty. The Standing Committees of the Faculty are charged with duties pertaining the right and responsibility of the Faculty for its own governance.

Standing Committees of the Faculty

  • Faculty Benefits Committee
  • Faculty Honors Committee
  • Faculty Status and Grievance Committee
  • Statutes Committee
  • Faculty Services Committee
  • Welfare and Security Committee

Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty

  • Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
  • Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee
  • Student Regulations Committee
  • Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee
  • Student Activities Committee
  • Student Grievance and Appeal Committee
  • Student Honor Committee
  • Student Computer Ownership Committee
  • Academic Integrity Committee