Faculty Executive Board

The Faculty Executive Board (FEB) is the executive body of the Faculty, comprising elected members of the Faculty and ex officio members representing the Administration, the Students and Staff. The elected members of the board are elected from the Faculty Senate and represent the voice of the following faculty constituencies: each college, GTRI and a composite unit of Services & Central Administration.

The FEB meets monthly to address matters of immediate concern to the Faculty, arising from the faculty directly or through the Standing Committees, and to formulate solutions for continuing concerns. The FEB works in concert with the Administration to effectuate solutions and implement the actions of the Faculty in furtherance of its duties and responsibilities.

Elected Members

Bogdanovic, Tamara2023-2026CoSAcademic
Davis-Nozemack, Karie2021-2024Scheller CoBAcademic
Garcia, Elena2021-2024CoEResearch
Golemi, Juliana2021-2024ServCenResearch
Habib, Matthew2022-2025GTRIResearch
Hodges, Lacy2023-2025ServCenAcademic
Keskinocak, Pinar2021-2024CoEAcademic
Langford, Joshua2023-2026GTRIResearch
Hoffman, Judy2022-2025CoCAcademic
Millard-Stafford, Melinda2022-2025CoSAcademic
Nazzal, Dima*2023-2026CoEAcademic
Razin, Victoria2021-2024GTRIResearch
Rohling, Greg2021-2024GTRIResearch
Rudolph, Charles2021-2024CoDAcademic
Tien, Iris2022-2025CoEAcademic
Todd, Paul2023-2026ServCenResearch
Wang, Fei-Ling2021-2024IACAcademic
Young, Jeff2021-2024CoB, CoC, CoD, IACResearch
(*) indicates the Chair of the committee

Ex-Officio Members

Cabrera, Ángelex officioPresident
McLaughlin, Steveex officioProvost
Abdallah, Chaoukiex officioEVPR
Mayor, Rhett  †ex officioSecretary of the Faculty
Anton, Annieex officioUSGFC GT rep
Colton, Jon -#ex officioPresident, GT AAUP
Bovian, Candice – #ex officioChair, Staff Council
Jimerson, Will – #ex officioVice-chair, Staff Council
Byrd, Kalah – #ex officioSecretary, Staff Council
Colton, Jon -#ex officioChair, Statutes Committee
Boone, Joseph- #ex officioPresident Grad SGA
Sikal, Aanjan – #ex officioPresident Undergrad SGA
# – denotes non voting membership of the board