Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee

Annual Report for 2000-2001



     The Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee met four times during the year.  Jo McIver called the first meeting, at which time she explained that the Executive Board was concerned that the committee had not functioned effectively for several years.  Steve Usselman was elected chair, and various members agreed to take responsibility for exploring how the committee might go about conducting annual reviews of the various functions that fall under its authority.  Committee members contacted the administrators responsible for each function to discuss current issues pertaining to that function and to ascertain how the committee might perform an annual review of the function.  Members reported their findings at two subsequent meetings.  All agreed that in the future, reviews could take place by contacting the appropriate administrators and having them appear before the committee with summary reports.


     The review revealed three issues of particular concern:


  1. Jo McIver asked for advice regarding the discrepancy in GPAs required for probationary status and graduation.  The committee unanimously agreed that the GPA standard should be 2.0 in both cases.  This advice was forwarded to the Executive Board in the committee minutes.
  2. Bob McMath asked that the committee consider the issue of academic advising on campus, with particular focus on the possibility of providing some sort of central advising.  Usselman conducted a survey of advising practices in units at Georgia Tech and at a dozen comparable institutions and shared this with McMath and the committee.  All agreed that Georgia Tech could strengthen advising, especially in the area of long-term academic planning beyond the major or across disciplines. In June, the committee convened at McMath’s request to discuss his plans for a central advising center.  The committee endorsed this plan.
  3. Jerry McTier of financial aid informed the committee about changes in procedures for notifying students of the risk of losing aid for academic reasons.  The changes were necessary to bring Georgia Tech into compliance with federal standards following semester conversion.  The committee endorsed the changes.



Respectfully yours,


Steve Usselman, Chair

October 12, 2001