Student Regulations Committee

November 2, 2006




Present:            Jeff Streator, Chair; Bill Schafer; Bill Drummond; Larry Jacobs; Beau Beaulieu, undergraduate student representative, Mitch Keller, graduate student representative    


Guests:             Gary Wolovick, legal affairs; John Stein, Dean of Students, Erika McGarity OSI-ODOS

The meeting convened at 2:10 pm.

  1. Code of conduct discussion.


The following issues were discussed and the committee made informal recommendations, but no formal votes were taken.


·        Should scholarly misconduct be included in the Code?  The committee concluded it was not necessary.


·        How should academic cases be appealed?  The committee recommends replacing the appeal to Student Grievance and Appeals Committee with an appeal to the vice provost for undergraduate studies and academic affairs.  An appeal would be initiated by sending a letter sent to VP-SA within five business days.  Normally a decision will be rendered within 10 business days.


·        Should other terms be substituted for “penalties” and “sanctions?”  The committee recommends changing “additional sanctions” to additional penalties on p. 9.



  1. Future actions.


Erika McGarity will develop a new draft and send to us.  We’ll add comments and return. 

Our next meeting is Thursday the 16th at 2:00, when we’ll vote.



Submitted by Bill Drummond