Student Regulations Committee

September 28, 2006




Present:            Jeff Streator, Chair; Reta Pikowsky; Bill Schafer; Bill Drummond; Ray Vito; Larry Jacobs; Allison Graab, student representative


Guests:             Bobby Beaulieu, student government VP for campus affairs

The meeting convened at 2:00 pm.

  1. Code of conduct revisions.  The Code of Conduct is in the process of being revised.  It will be brought to our committee by October 12, 2006.  We will provide feedback by November 17, 2006.


  1. Student grievance process.  The new language distinguishes between the informal process (step 1) and the formal process (step 2).  It establishes a Web site to begin the informal appeal process and enter a date of return.  The proposed language was modified to include all graded course materials in the faculty member’s possession.  The language concerning the informal and formal appeals.  Reta will modify the proposal and work on the language for the auto-generated email to be sent to the instructor.  She will bring the new language to our next meeting.  The committee reached unanimous agreement concerning this approach.


  1. Extension of incompletes.  We received a proposal to extend the time available to complete incompletes for study-abroad and coops. Reta argued that there are too many incompletes at present, and the process is abused.  Reta thinks it is dangerous for students to leave campus with an incomplete.  It isn’t in the best interest of the student to allow extra time.  The students agreed that allowing another semester is not beneficial for the students.  The committee unanimously agreed to take no action on this proposal.


  1. Attending classes.  Reta proposed new language to keep students not registered for a class from attending.  The language for the number 2 is redundant and will be dropped.  The language now reads “1. Students may attend only those particular classes for which they are registered and paid.”  The committee agreed.


  1. Undergraduate students taking graduate courses.  We have a rule at the beginning of the catalog, but it’s not in the Rules and Regulations where people expect it.  This is the same catalog language cut and pasted.  The committee agreed.


  1. Honor code violations and grades.  The new language reads: “In the case of an alleged academic honor code violation that is not resolved prior to the final grading cycle for the term, the instructor shall report the grade excluding the assignment that is under review.  When the case is adjudicated and final grade can be computed based on all assignments, quizzes, examinations etc., a grade change can be reported as necessary.

The problem is that cases can take time to resolve.  When an I is given, it may revert to an F, then be changed again once the case is resolved, and the grade is changed multiple times.  Reta will check to see if a grade of “Not Reported” is an option, instead of Incomplete.


The next meeting will be October 12, at 2:00.