Followed immediately by a regular meeting of


and of the



Tuesday, February 5, 2002

3:00 PM, Student Center Theater





  1. Introduction by the President.
  2. Convened as a “Called Meeting of the General Faculty”, consideration of proposed changes to the Statutes concerning representation and duties of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and of the Graduate Committee. A first reading presented by Sandra Corse, Chair, Statutes Committee. (Details see note 1 below).
  3. Approval of minutes (See note 2 below)
  4.  “Learning and Grading at Georgia Tech: Is There a Connection”. A discussion of grading policy. McMath.
  5. Proposal that HPS (recently changed to Department of Applied Physiology) be granted status of a Degree granting School.(See note 3 below)
  6.  “General Education Requirements”; report of a UCC sub-committee. (See note 4 below)
  7. Action items and formal approval of minutes from committees of the Academic Faculty. (See note 5 below for dates, copies, and summary of action items).
  8. Other business.



Edward W. Thomas


Secretary of the Faculty

Janaury 25, 2002



(1) The proposed changes to the Statutes are to be found at the site:

 They involve the following:

(a) Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: Change to the formula by which composition is defined (leading to an increase in size and a changed distribution of members between colleges), change to the requirements related to periodic review of programs.

(b) Graduate Committee. Change to the formula by which composition is defined (but in practice no change to composition), addition of a requirement for periodic review of programs.

(2) Minutes to be approved are

September 18 2001; Meeting of General Faculty Assembly (GFA) and Academic Senate (AS).

October 9 2001 (Meeting of GFA)

December 4 2001 (Meeting of AS)

Copies of the General Faculty minutes may be found at:

Copies of the Academic Senate minutes may be found at:


(3) A synopsis of the proposal that the Department of Applied Physiology (formerly HPS) be given the status of a Graduate Degree awarding School may be found at:


(4) “General Education Requirements”; a report by a subcommittee of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, can be found at: Report.html


(5) Committee minutes are to be found at:

Items to be presented for approval are as follows:


(a) Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: Minutes of:

8/20/01 (Computer requirement for core area B & petitions)

9/20/01 (Non-academic activities in certificate programs)

10/29/01 (New courses and revised requirements for Biology, HTS, Arch, ME, AE, EAS).

11/28/01 (TFE, change of BS degree name and of course designations, approval of certificate program and of minor. Student petitions)

01/09/02 (7 week summer session for 2002)

10/17/01; 11/14/01; 12/05/01; 01/04/02  (Student petitions only)


(b) Graduate Committee: Minutes of :

8/30/01 (Organizational matters)

10/12/01 (New courses, ME. Student petitions)

11/1/01 (Dual MS degree by IPST and Chem Eng. MS in Information Security, CoC)

12/6/01 (Courses, new and changes; Bio, Chem, CE, Mgt, ECE, BME, ChE. Certificate in “Information Technology for Engineered Systems”; CoE. Student petitions)

1/17/02 (MS in Prosthetics and Orthotics, HPS; New Courses, GTLorraine, Arch.)


(c) Student Regulations Committee:

Minutes of 8/30/01; 9/20/01; 10/30/01 (all action items already handled by Senate on 12/04/01)


(d) Student Computer Ownership

Minutes of 9/17/01 and 12/03/01 (no action items)