(Combined meeting)

Tuesday, September 18, 2001, 3:00 pm, Student Center Theater





1.      Opening Remarks by the President. Welcome to new members.

2.      Approval of Minutes of previous meetings:


(a) General Faculty Assembly and Academic Senate (combined) February 6, 2001.

(b) General Faculty Assembly February 27, 2001.

(c) Academic Senate April 24, 2001.

( For link to web site copies- see below)


4.      The “Technology Square” project; brief review by President Clough.

5.      Proposed changes to the Statutes: second readings.

(For link to web site copy of detailed language see below):


(a)  Change to the Faculty Benefits Committee to remove the charge that they annually review wages of non-professional employees.

(b)  A statement to make it clear that persons with “Temporary” or “Visiting” titles are not members of the Corps of Instruction for Faculty Governance purposes.

(c)  A statute to clarify that when a person is elected to the Executive Board, they than vacate their seats as representatives of their unit on the General Faculty Assembly (and on the Academic Senate).

(d)  A change to remove the Vice Provost as a voting member of the Executive Board

(e)  A statute to give representation on the General Faculty Assembly and on the Academic Senate to persons who are in Colleges but are not in Academic Units.

(f)  A bylaw to change the method by which appointments are made to Standing Committees when it is necessary to replace elected persons who leave Tech.    


5.   Report by an ad-hoc “Committee on Committees” presented by Bill Sayle. (For copy see below)

6.  Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the General Faculty. (None involve “action items”. See below for links to copies).

(a)  Faculty Benefits: dates of 10/9/00; 1/16/01; 3/13/01;5/15/01

(b)  Faculty Honors: dated 2/19/01

(c)  Statutes: dates of 1/16/01; 3/26/01

(d)  Academic Services: dates of 1/17/01; 2/21/01; 3/21/01

(e)  Welfare and Security: dated 12/12/00

7.  Approval of Minutes of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (see below for link to copies)

4/25/01; Humanities and Social Sciences rules

7/18/01; New Courses (CoC, ML, Mgt, COE)

6/13/01; 7/11/01; 8/01/01; Student Related Matters

8.  Approval of minutes of the Graduate Curriculum Committee (see below for link to copies).

3/01/01 and 4/26/01. Student related matters.

6/14/01 Change to BME Masters requirements.

8/01/01 Grad. Students in 1000/2000 level courses; new courses for ME/AE.

9.  Approval of further Minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate (None involve “Action items”.  See below for links to copies.)

(a)  Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: dates of 4/25/01; 6/13/01; 7/11/01

(b)  Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee: dates of 12/1/00

(c) Student Activities Committee: dates of 11/3/00; 4/26/01


(10) Any Other Business.


Edward W. Thomas

Secretary of the Faculty

September 12, 2001



Links to cited documents:


(1) Minutes of the GFA and AS

(a) GFA & AS Feb 6 2001.

(b) GFA Feb 27 2001

(c) AS April 24 2001


(2) Proposed Statutes Changes:


(3) Report of the “Committee on Committees”


(4) Minutes of Standing Committees.