The Executive Board


Meeting of November 28, 2000

Held in the Poole Board Room of the Wardlaw Building


Members Present: Abdel-Khalik (ME); Boyd (Stu Servcs); Callen (ECE); El-Sayed (Chem); Estes (EDI); Jayaraman (Mgt); Richards (GTRI); Schwan (CoC); Swank (GTRI); Williamson (Liby); Clough (Pres.); M.Thomas (Provost); Alexander (Staff Rep); Spriggle (Ugrad Stu Rep); Jenman (G.S. rep); E.Thomas (SoF): 

Members Absent: Allen (Arch); Hall (Bio); McGuire (LCC); Wardi (ECE); Welch (GTRI); Liotta (Vice Provost);

Visitors: Mark Smith (Pres Ofc); Deborah Johnson (Pub Pol)


(1) Said Abdel Khalik, Chair, opened the meeting at 3:05 p.m.

(2) The President made the following comments:

(a) Undergraduate applications at this point are up 13 percent on last year (this is a similar increase to last year).

(b) University system is working on minor refinements of the funding formula. System wide enrollments remain lower than before Semester conversion (and the increase in entry standards). Relief is sought from any resulting budget cuts related to enrollment.

(c) The parking deck on Atlantic is likely to open in January; 2 to 3 months ahead of schedule.

(d) Governor will shortly announce a special initiative related to cancer. Much of the funding will be for a State-wide screening program. There will also be funds for research channeled through the Ga. Research Alliance from which Tech will benefit.

(e)Capital Campaign has now raised over $600M; the success is broad based. Post campaign events are planned.

(f) Chancellor Portch will address the Academic Senate next week.

(g) Tech is redesigning its web site under leadership of Bob Hardy. We wish for the initial portal and first few layers to be attractive, informative and of uniform design. Completion may take a year; input is sought from Faculty and Students.

(h) In response to a question on how (and when) parking places will be assigned in the new decks, the President replied that he did not know but would find out.

(i) In response to a question on the current status of the Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Initiative the President replied that we are just now fleshing out the detailed plans.

(j) Schwan asked about the current status of the Yamacraw project. President replied that the management line has recently been restructured so that the head of the program will report to the Head of the Ga. Research Alliance. Overall the project is proceeding well with planned projects already exceeding the goals for 2004.

(k) In response to a question about the Library the President stated that we continue to work on funding for the Undergraduate Learning Center and hopes shortly to provide 24 hour access to limited space for study purposes.

(l) The President commented that the search for the new Provost was underway and applications were being screened.

(3) The minutes of the October 24th meeting of the Board were approved without dissent.

(4) The Chair called on Deborah Johnson to provide a review of the operations of the "Student Regulations Committee". She commented that the work of the last 18 months has been mostly on quarter-semester conversion issues. There is much concern about details of wording in the regulations. The committee is mostly reactive rather than pro-active. They currently are undertaking a complete review and update of the whole catalog listing of student regulations and have about 20 proposed changes of which about 5 may be controversial. They expect to have this ready for presentation to the February meeting of the Senate. Johnson commented further that the committee is discharging its statutory requirements and that its size is suitable for its function. There was some discussion of Section of the statutes which covers student behavior and honesty. Does this overlap with the activities of the student Honor Committee? Williamson read the relevant statutes which give responsibility for defining the rules to this committee and responsibility for "trial of cases" to the Honor Committee. Abdel Khalik commented that the committee seems to be performing well and thanked Johnson for her presentation.

(5) The Chair called on Marilyn Williamson to present the report of the Committee on General Faculty Status, on behalf of the Committee Chair Rick Moore. Copies of the report were distributed along with a proposed revision of the "Executive Board’s Guidelines to General Faculty" which is published as section 2.9 of the Statutes and Bylaws. Williamson reviewed the three areas considered by the committee. First the question of retroactive award of General Faculty Status to those hired before the implementation of the provision of the Statutes; the committee believes such retroactive awards should be considered. Secondly the question of whether there should be different rules of employment for persons with different forms of General Faculty Status; the committee believes that there should be only one set of employment rules for all persons. Finally the notion that the President might approach the Board of Regents to consider extending the Flexible Retirement Option to all Staff as well as Faculty in order to reduce some of the pressure for award of General Faculty Status; the committee is somewhat divided on whether this is a good strategy. Williamson also pointed out that the Board needs to revise its guidelines for General Faculty membership since they are now out of date; a proposed revision was presented. There followed some general discussion as to who might be impacted by the retroactive award provisions.

The Chair suggested that the report be accepted and that the Board members review the proposed changes to the Guidelines and be prepared to make a decision at the January 16th Board meeting. This was agreed without dissent.

(6) The Secretary presented outline agendas for two upcoming meetings of the principal bodies. On Feb 6th 2001 the General Faculty Assembly and Academic Senate will meet jointly. There will first be a discussion concerning "Continuing Education at Ga. Tech", followed by discussion of the RTP committee report and the resulting proposals. On Feb 27th 2001 there will be the regular Spring meeting of the General Faculty Assembly (combined with a meeting of the General Faculty). There will first be a discussion of "Distance Learning at Ga. Tech" followed by presentation of the proposed changes for rules regarding "General Faculty Status" and proposed changes to the Statutes regarding election procedures. These outline agenda were agreed without dissent.

(7) The Chair presented a final version of the "Emeritus Status Procedure". This is slightly modified from the version approved at the October 10th meeting of the GFA through language to make the procedure applicable to non-academic units. The revised version was accepted without dissent. It was decided that, since the basic procedure has already been adopted in an open meeting, there is no need to submit this for further vote of the Faculty. The Secretary will communicate the final version to the Provost with a request that it be included in the Faculty Handbook.

(8) The Registrar requests approval of a new Diploma format to be awarded for completion of a PhD degree in programs offered jointly by Ga. Tech and Ga. State. The Board wished to convey to the Registrar the suggestions that the two seals be made of the same size and she consider changing the word "Universities" used twice in the text, to the word "Institutions". The proposed Diploma design was approved without dissent.

(9) There was review and discussion of certain organizational matters.

(a) The Chair announced that Doug Allen (Arch) has agreed to be Chair of the Nominating Committee for 2001 elections; Russ Callen (ECE) has agreed to be co-chair. They will select the additional members of the committee and seek agreement of the Board, by e-mail, during the month of December.

(b) The Chair discussed planning for the retreat. This will be held on February 13th starting at 4:30 pm and replaces the Board meeting scheduled for that date. Dinner will be served at 6:30 and the proceedings will end before 9:00 p.m. Location will be in the Wardlaw Building. The two themes will be "Diversity Issues" (organized generally by Pearl Alexander) and "Intellectual Property Rights and Commercialization" (organized generally by Gisele Welch).

(c) The Secretary proposed a tentative meeting calendar for the year 2001-2002; this is essentially the same schedule as is being used in the present year. The proposed schedule was adopted without dissent.

(d) The secretary announced that Pearl Alexander has agreed to be the "Staff" representative to the Board for a period January 2001 through summer 2002; she replaces Pat Ledon. He further announced that all persons nominated at the last meeting to serve on the Institute wide committee to oversee the "Five Year Post Tenure Review" process have agreed to serve. The new faculty representation on the committee, for this Spring, will therefore consist of Fujimoto (CoC), Chou (Physics/CoS), Auslander (LCC/IA), Mistree (ME/Eng), May (ECE/Eng), all serving for two years.

(10) The Chair called for any other business. Spriggle stated that there was student concern about quizzes, tests and other mandatory activities being scheduled outside normal class hours. Jenman stated that Graduate Students shared this concern since they were often required to supervise such activities. Spriggle asked how this concern might be best addressed. The Chair suggested that the Secretary communicate this problem to the Student Regulations Committee and ask that they report to the Board as to whether these mandatory "out of hours" activities were permissible and how this matter might be clarified.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted


Edward W. Thomas

Secretary of the Faculty, November 28, 2000 (Corrected December 20, 2000)

Attachments to the Archival Copy of the Minutes:


(1) Agenda of this meeting

(2) Supplementary Report of the Committee on General Faculty Status (prepared Summer 2000; Rick Moore Chair)

(3) Proposed Revision of section 2.9 of the Statutes and Bylaws entitled "Executive Board Guidelines to General Faculty Membership"

(4) Final version of the "Emeritus Status" procedure— as approved at this meeting

(5) Tentative meeting Calendar for 2001-2002 (as proposed by the Secretary)