The Executive Board


Meeting of August 22 2000

Poole Board Room, Wardlaw Building


Members Present:Abdel-Khalik (ME); Allen (Arch): Boyd (Stu Servcs); Callen (ECE); Estes (EDI); Hall (Bio); Jayaraman (Mgt); Ledon (Staff Rep); McGuire (LCC); Richards (GTRI); Schwan (CoC); Swank (GTRI); Welch (GTRI): Williamson (Liby); Clough (Pres.); Spriggle (Ugrad Stu Rep); E.Thomas (SoF):

Members Absent: El-Sayed (Chem) Wardi (ECE); M.Thomas (Provost); Liotta (Vice Provost); Jenman (G.S. rep):

Visitors: Zimring (Arch); Mark Smith (Pres Office); Marc Smith (ME)


  1. The meeting was brought to order at 3:02 p.m. by Said Abdel Khalik, Chair. He reminded members that this was the first meeting of the new Board. He welcomed new members and briefly discussed the functions of the Board.
  2. The President commented on recent activities.

(a) The President, Board Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary met last week to outline a program for the main Faculty Assemblies. The hope is to make meetings more useful, interesting and thereby to raise attendance.

(b) Much construction is taking place on the campus and more is to follow during the year. Landscaping renovations on the Hill will not be completed by the start of the football season. The parking deck on Atlantic should open in January and is well ahead of schedule. Construction of the Environmental Sciences and Technology building should start shortly; cost is $50M and the most expensive facility undertaken by Tech. A new Baseball field will be started in early 2001 provided that sufficient gift funding can be secured. The City will continue the Orme Street Sewer project starting late this year. An early part of the 5th Street developments will commence in the summer of 2001 with a building for the Yamacraw project. Progress continues on the creation of a Day Care Facility behind 10th Street on city-owned land.

(c) The Capital campaign continues to be successful. The Georgia Tech endowment is close to $900M.

Zimring asked what was the process for faculty input and review of building plans. The president replied that committees of potential faculty occupants are created to advise on the interior arrangements of new buildings. An Architectural Commission advises on the broad "look" of the campus. If faculty of Architecture wish to make input to the process, they should indicate their interest through the Dean of Architecture.

Callen asked about SACII. The President replied that this was on schedule and various designs were under consideration with price tags between $41-45M.

Schwan asked about the search for a new Provost. President replied that the search committee has been created, that this is being announced in the Whistle (edition of August 21st) and that faculty are encouraged to suggest candidates to Jim Meindel (MiRC). Mike Thomas continues in the position until a replacement has been appointed.

  1. The minutes of the meeting of July 25 were approved without dissent.
  2. Smith stated that the committee suffers from a narrow representation and small size; ideally it should be increased from its present five faculty to perhaps 7 to 9 faculty members.

Schwan commented that this committee and others, appeared not be to "pro-active" and that this might be alleviated if the committees had staff support. Smith agreed. Abdel-Khalik asked whether the last statutory requirement (review of Institutional documents) was an appropriate charge and whether it might be better to remove that charge. Smith replied that the charge was appropriate and should be retained. The President commented that Tech will be designing a better web site, that this will include all regulations and policies, and this should assist in monitoring the appropriateness of Institutional documents.

  1. Abdel-Khalik reviewed the proposed program for GFA and AS meetings for the year. It is intended that there be at least one major topic of broad interest at each meeting. The proposed agenda for the September 19th GFA/AS (combined) meeting was approved. Schwan suggested that, in the call for the meeting, the Secretary list the major event, give some discussion of the event and make only brief reference to the routine business activities; a formal "agenda" listing the routine business could be attached, for those who wished to review it.
  2. (a) Thomas discussed procedure for electing a Chair and Vice Chair of the Board. Said Abdel Khalik has been nominated to serve as Chair and Gisele Welch to serve as Vice-Chair. Thomas asked for further nominations; there were none. He stated that nominations would be accepted through the next 24 hrs and at that point he would conduct an e-mail poll of the Board to ascertain their decision on the candidates.

(b) Thomas asked members to indicate preferences for liaison assignments to Committees.

(c) Attention was drawn to the list of meeting dates for the year.

(d) Thomas announced that, by unanimous e-mail vote of the Board, Karsten Schwan is appointed to serve a one-year term on the Board to represent Computing and replace Limb (elected in spring 2000) who has resigned from Tech. An election for the position will be held in Spring 2001.

7. The Chair asked for any other business.

(a) The Chair asked members to consider whether they wished to hold a retreat this Fall.

(b) J.R. Spriggle listed student concerns which might be appropriate topics for discussion by the Board.

Mandatory mid-term grades in all courses.

Impact of TAs on the teaching program

Development of a formal list of "Tutors" available to assist students.

(c) The Chair suggested that a review of grading policy might be an appropriate topic for the retreat.


  1. There being no further business, the Chair concluded the meeting at 4:10 p.m. and the Board retired to the Gordy Room for a Social hour.


Respectfully Submitted


Edward W. Thomas

Secretary of the Faculty

August 23, 2000


Attachments to the Archival copy of these minutes:

(a) Agenda.