The Executive Board


Meeting of February 13, 2001

Held in the Poole Board Room of the Wardlaw Building


Members Present :Abdel-Khalik (ME); Allen (Arch); Callen (ECE); El-Sayed (Chem); Estes (EDI); Hall (Bio); Jayaraman (Mgt); Richards (GTRI); Schwan (CoC); Swank (GTRI); Wardi (ECE); Welch (GTRI); Williamson (Liby); Clough (Pres.); Liotta (Vice Provost); Jenman (G.S. rep): Alexander (Staff Rep);: E.Thomas (SoF)

Members Absent: Boyd (Stu Servcs); McGuire (LCC); M.Thomas (Provost); Spriggle (Ugrad Stu Rep)

Visitors: Jilda Garton (GTRC ); Dina Hafez (Stu; representing Jenman); David Ku (ME); Barry Rosenberg (GTRC) Sue Rosser (IA); Mark Smith (Pres. Ofc); Ron Wagner (GTRI)


  1. The Chair, Said Abdel Khalik, brought the meeting to order at 4:40 pm. He welcomed the visitors and announced that the meeting would first convene as the Executive Board Retreat.
  2. The retreat focused on "Intellectual Property Rights and Commercialization", organized by Gisele Welch, and on the topic of "Diversity", organized by Pearl Alexander. Background presentations were given on both areas, the participants broke up into study groups, and finally the whole meeting reconvened for the discussion of conclusions. A report on the retreat will be provided separately at a later date.
  3. At 8:45 PM the Chair convened a brief business meeting of the Executive Board.
  4. Doug Allen presented the report of the Nominating Committee, which consists of the proposed slate of candidates for the Spring elections (copy attached). He particularly thanked Callen, Sayle, Faust and Marr for their considerable efforts in the creation of the nominations list. Welch asked how candidates had been solicited. Allen replied that individual committee members had solicited input from their constituencies, also a call for nominations had been published in the Whistle. The proposed slate was adopted without dissent.
  5. The Secretary requested formal approval of the arrangements for conducting the ballot by e-mail. In particular:
    1. The format shall be similar to the mock ballot distributed to members on February 1, 2001.
    2. That incumbents shall be listed first in a race.
    3. The feature which does not permit a voter to change their mind and to change a vote to a "no-vote" should be retained. (Once a voter has made a choice they may change it but they cannot cancel all choices in that race). The reason being that the software cannot readily be altered.
    4. The voter list shall include only persons employed full time in the month of the vote (as called for in the Statutes).
    5. That persons whose title includes the words "Temporary", "Adjunct" or "Visiting" shall not be eligible to vote.

There was discussion about the order in which names are listed and it was suggested that an alphabetical listing might be more appropriate. It was moved that the suggestions by the Secretary be adopted without change and this was approved without dissent.

6. The Student Regulations Committee has requested that the words "Adopted by the University System of Georgia Board of Regents" be removed from section XXIII of the Student Rules and Regulations (Student Bill of Rights). The Secretary explained that this phrase may not be correct. The motion to approve removal was made and approved without dissent.

7. The Secretary noted for the record the following matters approved by e-mail ballot since the last meeting.

(a). Nominating committee shall consist of: Doug Allen (Arch-Chair), Russ Callen (EE-Co-Chair), Bill Sayle (EE), Nick Faust (GTRI), Jack Marr (Psy), Danny Boston (Econ), Craig Tommasello (Student) [Vote of 1/22/01]

(b)Statutes Committee proposals #1,2,4,5,6 and 7 in their report to the Board dated January 16, 2001 shall be put on the agenda for the Feb 27th meeting of the GFA.[Vote of 1/22/01]

(c) Jim Budd is appointed to replace Rita Gregory on the Graduate Curriculum Committee through Summer 2001 (at which time the position is up for election) [Vote of 1/17/01].

(d) Immediately implement the Statutes Committee proposal that persons appointed to vacant committee positions should serve for the period to which the previous incumbent was elected. [Vote of 1/17/01].

8. The Secretary noted that he would shortly request an e-mail ballot on the proposed formation of an "Institutional Review Committee" to oversee review of Academic programs.

9. The Chair called for any other business. There being none he closed the meeting at 9:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted

Edward w. Thomas

Secretary of the Faculty.

February 22, 2001

Attachments to the Archival Copy of the Minutes.

(1) Proposed Slate of Candidates for the Spring 2001 elections.

[Copy to be found as item #8 at ]