Tuesday, April 9, 2002, 3:00 pm

Poole Board Room, Wardlaw Center




1.   Introductory remarks. (President)

2.   Approval Executive Board minutes of March 12,  2002.[See attachment 1].

3.   Proposed Statutes Changes to be presented to the April 23rd GF meeting. By Sandra Corse:

(a) Changes to Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committee Structures (Second reading with a minor clarification)

(b) Modification of the Statute giving composition of the Student Regulations Committee to include the Registrar as a voting member. (For a first reading).

(c) Substantial modification of the Statutory Duties of the Faculty Status and Grievance Committee (as discussed at the EB on February 12th).

4.   Proposed Changes to the Student Code of Conduct ( Karen Boyd)

5.   Charge to the “Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee” concerning their review of “Grading Policy”.

6.   Result of the spring Faculty Governance Elections.

7.   Any Other Business.



Edward W. Thomas

Secretary of the Faculty

Revised, April 3, 2002



(1) Minutes of the EB meeting of March 12, 2002. (Pages 2-6)

(2) Statutes Committee— Proposed Changes concerning the UCC and GC (pages 7 & 8)

(3) Statutes Committee—Proposed Change concerning the Student Regulations Committee.  (Page 9)

(4) Statutes Committee— Proposed Changes concerning the Faculty Status and Grievance Committee (Pages 10 and 11)

(5) Charge to the Student Academic and financial Affairs Committee to Study Grading policies at Tech. (Proposal by Marr, page 12)

(6) Faculty Election results (Pages 13 through 18)