Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 3:00 p.m.

Poole Board Room, Wardlaw Center



1. Remarks by the President

2. Approval of Minutes of the October 24 meeting of the Board

3. Review of the operations of the "Student Regulations Committee"; presentation by Deborah Johnson

4. Report by the Committee on General Faculty Status (Marilyn Williamson, Chair)

5. Advance planning of agenda for future assembly meetings

(a) Combined GFA/AS meeting on February 6, 2001

Presentation on "Continuing Education at Ga. Tech"

Decision on the handling of the RTP report

Changes to the Faculty Handbook

Circulation of the "Best Practices" document

Committee matters (if necessary)

(b) Spring meeting of the GFA/GF, February 27, 2001

Presentation on "Distance Learning"

Proposed changes to GF status

First Reading of Statutes related to Elections

6. Decision on the final version of the "Emeritus Status" procedure

7. Advice to the Registrar on a question of diploma format

8. Administrative matters

(a) Appointment of Nominating Committee for Spring 2001 elections

(b) Planning for the "Retreat"

(c) Decision on meeting calendar for 2001-2002

(d) Appointment of "Staff" representative and membership of Five Year Post tenure review committee

9. Any Other Business



Edward W. Thomas, Secretary of the Faculty, November 21, 2000


(1) Minutes of the October 24, 2000 Board Meeting

(2) Statutes related to the "Student Regulations Committee"

(3) Revised format of "Emeritus Status" procedure

(4) Proposed format of Degree Diplomas for Joint Georgia Tech/Georgia State Ph.D. Program

(5) Meeting Calendar for FY 2001-2002

(6) Composition of Institute-Wide Five Year Post Tenure Review Committee