Tuesday, September 25,2001, 3:00 p.m.

Poole Board Room, Wardlaw Center




1.      Introductory remarks. (President)

2.      Approval Executive Board minutes of August 21, 2001.

3.      Report of the Ad-Hoc committee on IP Rights and Commercialization. Gisele Welch

4.      Implementation of the Report by the “Committee on Committees”.

5.      Creation of a “Study Abroad” Subcommittee of the Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committees.

6.      Future composition of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Also possible change to the Graduate Curriculum Committee.

7.      Report of the Ad-Hoc committee on “Retention of General Faculty Status”.

8.      Agenda for the October 9 meeting of the General Faculty Assembly.

·        State of the Institute Address.

·        Annual Reports of Standing Committees of the General Faculty. (Six)

·        Action items by Committees. (None known at present)

·        Proposed Ga. Tech Policy on IP rights and Commercialization; report by Welch.

·        Affirmation of decisions on Statutes.

9.      Information Items

10.  Any Other Business.



Edward W. Thomas

Secretary of the Faculty

September 20, 2001


Attachments to the Agenda distributed at the meeting:

(i)   Minutes August 21, 2001 meeting of the Executive Board --as corrected. Pages 2-6

(ii)  Proposed Institutional Policy on IP and Commercialization. Changes to Faculty Handbook. Pages 7-18.

(iii)  Report of the Committee on Committees. Pages 19-20

(iv)  Proposal for the formation of a “Study Abroad” subcommittee. Page 21.

(v)  Copies of the Statutes covering composition of the Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committees.  Proposal of models for future composition of the UCC Pages 22-24.

(vi)  Report of the Ad-Hoc Committee on “Retention of General Faculty Status” Page 25

(vii)  Information items.

a. Proposed meeting dates for 2002-2003.  Page 26

b. Committee membership changes. Page 26

c. Disposition of confidential records of the Faculty Status and Grievance Committee. Page 26

d. Liaison assignments for 2001-2002; for the record. Page 27

e.       Approval of sub-committee of the Academic Services Committee with responsibilities in Distance Learning and IP Rights.  Membership and Charge.  Page 28

f.        Approval of minutes of the Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee (2/9/01 and 6/01/01) and of the Academic Affairs Committee (4/18/01).  Pages 29-31.

g.       Change to Specifications for the Outstanding Teacher Award”.  Page 32

h.       Announcement concerning revision of Faculty Handbook.