Meeting of the Executive Board

Tuesday August 22, 2000, 3:00 pm.

Poole Board Room, Wardlaw Center


1. Introduction of new members of the Board

2. Remarks by the President

3. Approval of Minutes of the EB meeting of July 25, 2000

4. Review of the operations of the Statutes Committee; presentation by Marc Smith

5. Decision on the Agenda for the combined General Faculty Assembly/Academic Senate meeting of September 19, 2000

6. Organizational matters for the Board’s year 2000-2001

(a) Initiate ballot for the choice of a Chair of the Board. Also for Vice Chair

(b) Liaison positions to Standing Committees

(c) Meeting dates

7. Any Other Business

8. Board social to commence at 4:15 p.m. in the Gordy room


Edward W. Thomas

Secretary of the Faculty

August 10, 2000


Attachments to be distributed at the meeting

(a) Minutes of the EB meeting of July 25, 2000

(b) Extract from the Statutes related to the Statutes Committee

(c) Proposed agenda for September 19 GFA/AS meeting

(d) List of members for 2000-2001

(e) List of Standing Committees

(f) Schedule of meeting dates for 2000-2001