Tuesday March 20, 2001, 3:00 PM

Poole Board Room, Wardlaw Center




1.   Remarks by the President.


2.   Approval of Minutes of the January 16th and February 13th  meetings of the Board.


3.   Policies regarding Computer Network Security. Presented by Gordon Wishon and Nancey Leigh.


4.   Discussion of how to approach the matter of Intellectual Property Rights in Distance Learning programs. [Input from Nancey Leigh, Chair of the Academic Services Committee and from Marc Goetschalckx, Chair of the Faculty Benefits Committee.]


5.   Follow up on the Retreat. Action items?


6.   Letter from Gunter Meyer concerning activities of the Faculty Status and Grievance Committee.


7.   Consideration of letter from Carole Moore regarding activities of the Welfare and Security committee.


8.   Decision on persons to sit on the IRC to oversee periodic review of Academic Programs.


9.   Discussion on whether to form a “Committee” on Committees


10. April 24th meeting of the Academic Senate; approval of outline agenda which is proposed to be:


(a)    President’s remarks and routine approval of minutes

(b)   Approval of Degree Candidates

(c)    Discussion of grading policies (who should lead??)

(d)   Report of the Ad-Hoc Committee on the Evaluation of Instruction (Andy Smith)

(e)    Computer Network Security Policies; Gordon Wishon

(f)     Approval of routine committee minutes. (If needed)


11. Any Other business.



Edward W. Thomas

Secretary of the Faculty

March 16, 2001


Attachments to the agenda distributed at the meeting:

(1) Minutes of Board Meetings of Jan 16th and February 13, 2001 (Pages 3 thru 10)

(2) Letter from Meyer (Pages 11 thru 15)

(3) Letter from Moore (Pages 16 and 17)

(4) Names of persons to be considered for places on the IRC (Page 18)

(5) Proposed Charge to a “Committee on Committees” (Page 19)



(1) By e-mail vote concluded on February 23, 2001 the Board approved the plans for the formation of the Institutional Review committee to oversee periodic review of Academic Programs.


(2) During the retreat there was reference to the “Bayh-Dole act which relates to Intellectual Property rights and to Technological Transfer. A copy of this may be found at - cogr.