Tuesday, February 13, 2001, 4:30 PM

Poole Board Room, Wardlaw Center


The meeting is devoted to a "retreat" of the Board for considering the following two major issues:

I. Intellectual Property Rights and Commercialization

II. Diversity

Separate Study groups are formed of Board members and invited contributors (Proposed breakdown of participant groups is given at the end of the agenda).

  1. 4:30 to 5:30 PM - Poole Board Room. Welcome by the Chair of the Board. Overviews of the two topic areas organized by Welch and Alexander
  2. 5:30 to 6:30 PM- Separate meetings of groups in the Poole and Gordy Rooms to outline objectives
  3. 6:30 to 7:15 PM- Break for dinner in the Gordy Room
  4. 7:15 to 8:00 PM- Return to groups and develop conclusions
  5. 8:00 to 9:00 PM - Reconvene together in the Poole Room for a presentation of conclusions. (Followed by very brief business meeting if this is required)


Edward W. Thomas

Secretary of the Faculty

January 24, 2001

Breakdown of participant groups:

I. Intellectual Property Rights & Commercialization

II. Diversity

Gisele Welch (group leader)

Pearl Alexander (group leader)

Jilda Garton (visitor)

Dina Hafez (visitor, representing student govt.)

Ron Wagner (visitor)

Mark Smith (visitor)

David Ku (visitor; will arrive at 6:00 )

Sue Rosser (visitor)

Narayanan Jayaraman

Said Abdel Khalik

Jean Swank

Doug Allen

Charles Estes

Karen Boyd (attend. doubtful, travel conflict)

Marilyn Williamson

Karsten Schwan

Dwight Hall

Yorai Wardi

Peter McGuire

Mostafa El Sayed

Russ Callen (will arrive at 6:00)

Mark Richards

Mike Thomas

Grant Jenman

Charles Liotta

Edward Thomas

Wayne Clough (attending both topics)