Tuesday, December 5, 2000

3:00 p.m., Student Center Theater



1. Opening Remarks by the President

2. Address by Chancellor Stephen Portch. "Visions for Research Universities in the University System and the Role of Tech"

3. Presentation of Degree Candidates. Jo McIver, Registrar

4. Report on Reappointment Promotion and Tenure Practices

(See Note 1. Below for reference to the document)

5. Annual Reports by Committees of the Academic Senate

6. Action items from the Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committees and approval of Committee minutes. (See Note 2. Below for reference to the documents)

7. Any other business.



Edward W. Thomas

Secretary of the Faculty

November 27, 2000



Note 1. Report of the ad-hoc Committee on Reappointment Promotion and Tenure.

To facilitate discussion the report has been divided into two separate documents:

 a. Proposed changes to the procedures of the Faculty Handbook. See site

 b. A document giving recommended (best) practices. See site

Note 2. Approval of Committee Minutes which may be found at the site:

    1. Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Approval of minutes:

o        7/12/00, Student matters

o        7/19/00, Course number changes Physics, New courses ME and Music; Certificate in Operations Management, Mgt; Business Option Chem.

o        8/2/00, Minor Program in Mathematics; student matters

o        8/25/00, Student matters

b. Graduate Curriculum Committee. Approval of Minutes:

o        8/2/00, New courses Arch. Credit for a video-based degree. Student matters.

o        9/7/00, Organizational matters

o        10/12/00, Waiver of residency requirements for GTRI employees, new courses and course title changes CEE, ME, BMED, ChE, MGT; Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Mgt; Certificate in Engineering Entrepreneurship, Mgt; student matters.

o        11/14/00, New courses and course changes, MSE, CEE, MSE, AE, BmE, ECON, CoC, ISyE. Increase in hours (from 8 to 12) that an undergraduate may take and count towards a Masters degree.