Tuesday, December 4, 2001, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater



  1.  “Board of Regent’s Perspectives” An address by Dan Papp, Vice-Chancellor, Board of Regents.


  1. Presentation of Degree Candidates. Registrar.


  1. Annual Reports of Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty. (Text versions see note (a)):


(a)    Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (Hughes)

(b)    Graduate Curriculum Committee (Hertel)

(c)    Student Regulations Committee (Benkeser)

(d)    Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee (Usselman)

(e)    Student Activities Committee (Carter)

(f)      Student Grievance and Appeal Committee (Cunefare)

(g)    Student Honor Committee (May)

(h)    Student Computer Ownership Committee (Realff)


  1. Action items from the Student Regulations Committee and approval of Committee minutes (Details in note (b) below).


5.      Proposal to change the name of the Department of Health and Performance Sciences to the Department of Applied Physiology.


6.      Approval of the Minutes of the April 24, 2001 meeting of the Academic Senate and Academic Faculty. (See note (c) below)


7. Any Other Business.



Edward W. Thomas

Secretary of the Faculty

November 13, 2001



(a) Text versions of annual reports are to be found with the minutes of the relevant committee for last year; see

(b) Approval of Student Regulations Committee Minutes and action items contained therein of the following dates; (see Minutes01-02)

(i)  8/30/01. Revision to the rules concerning change of major (Section VI of the Student Rules and Regulations).

(ii) 9/20/01. Change to GPA required for graduation (from 1.95 to 2.00) and to the minimum GPAs for good academic standing (Sections XIII and VI of the Student Rules and Regulations).

(iii) 10/30/01. Adoption of a revised “Student Bill of Academic Rights” (Section XXIII of the Student Rules and Regulations). [The revised version of this document is also to be found at]


(c) Copy of the AS/AF meeting minutes of April 24 to be found at


Attachments to be distributed at the meeting:

(1)   Proposed revised Section XXIII of the Student Rules and Regulations (Student Bill of Academic Rights).