Faculty Status and Grievance Committee Annual Report


August, 2001 - August, 2002



The members of the Committee were Prateen Desai (ME), Jack Feldman (Psychology),

 Heidi Rockwood (Mod. Langs.), Jay Telotte (LCC), Charles Ume (ME), Turgay Uzer (Physics), and Erik Verriest (ECE).



At the committee’s first meeting of the year (Aug. 24, 2001) Jay Telotte was elected Chair and Heidi Rockwood was selected to serve as Secretary.


During its 2001-02 tenure, the Committee met formally five times, as well as once in an informal session with the President.  It submitted reports and recommendations on four grievances, and in response to a request from President Clough, it reviewed a former case to ensure that “procedural due process requirements” had been followed by the administration.


The Committee finalized a revision of FSGC duties as listed in the Faculty Handbook.  The Chair submitted those revisions to the Executive Board and responded to the Board’s questions.  Those revisions have since been amended by the Statutes Committee and forwarded to the Faculty Senate for reading and approval.


In keeping with a policy adopted the previous year, the Committee Chair has transmitted to the Secretary of the Faculty for archiving a record of FSGC’s work, including agendas, minutes, original grievance documents, the FSGC subcommittee reports, the FSGC recommendations to the President, and the President's responses.


At the end of the year the FSGC had two active grievances still under review and had consulted with two other faculty members about potential grievances.


At its first meeting of this year (Sept. 5, 2002), Mark Richards was chosen to serve as Chair for 2002-2003 and Jack Feldman was selected as Secretary.



Respectfuly submitted,




Jay P. Telotte, Outgoing Chair