Student Activities Committee Annual Report


Committee Members:

Brent Carter (Faculty, Chair), Chris Jarrett (Faculty), Mary-Frances Panettiere (Faculty), Daniel Baldwin (Faculty), Justin Evans (USC), Mark Randolph (USC), Joseph Jeong (GSS), Danielle McDonald (Student Affairs, Secretary), Karen Boyd (Executive Board Liaison)


Meetings were held on: September 4, 2001, February 20, 2002, March 28, 2002, May 15, 2002


The election of the 2001-2002 Chair was conducted.  Brent Carter was unanimously elected.  Danielle McDonald was appointed secretary.


Organization Charters Approved

The following list of new student organization charters were unanimously approved:

Zeta Phi Beta

February 20, 2002

Organizations Tabled


Lambda Theta Alpha

February 20, 2002




Constitution Amendments passed unanimously


Christina Campus Fellowship

February 20, 2002



Other Business


September 4, 2001- A decision was made to request reports regarding student activity policy from those administrative units that SAC is charged with reviewing (as per the Committee on Committees). Each year SAC will request a report of policy changes regarding student activities from the reviewed administrative units that have made such changes.  The table below lists the administrative unit from which reports were requested and their response.

Administrative Units Asked to Provide Reports

Response (due date was 7/31/02)


Campus Recreation (Student Athletic Center)

Submitted operations manual.


Referred to housing website.

Greek Affairs

Referred to Greek Constitutions and Bylaws.

Student Organizations

Referred to JCOC policy and Conduct Code and Disciplinary Procedures for Student Organizations.


Sent IM report.

Student Center

Did not respond.


Did not respond.






March 22, 2002 - Student Activity Budget Approved.

May 15, 2002 - Joint Campus Organization Committee Policy revisions approved.


There were no action items for the academic senate.