Welfare and Safety Committee

Annual Report



The Members of the Committee: Jim Cannady (GTRI), Caroline Clower (visiting), Frank Lambert (ECE), Robert Lang (GTRI), Carole Moore (Provost), Chair, R. Gary Parker (ISE), Meredith Robinson (UR Stu), Julie Sinor (GTRI), Gisele Welch (GTRI), ex-officio

The Committee met on the following dates: 11/4/ 12/19, 1/27, 2/24, and 4/27

The proposed amendments to the Statutes concerning parking were carried over from the previous year's committee. Their first reading to the General Faculty was on 14 October. Upon the second reading, they were defeated on 29 February. 

The umbrella of the committee under the Statutes is quite wide which led to discussions on:

Parking and changes in enforcement

On-site child care (Chuck Donbauth from OHR attended the 27 January meeting)

Family Leave Policy

Safety and Security (Chief Vickery from the Police Department attended the 24 February meeting)

Master Planning and Wayfinding

Air quality in buildings

By the end of the year, the committee members concluded that the role of the committee needs clarification. If these important areas fall under its purview there must be some mechanisms for inclusion on appropriate task forces or committees. In order to make informed recommendations the members must be part of the on-going processes related to welfare and safety issues. Attempts to be included have not been successful.

In conjunction with the Executive Board's examination of the various faculty committees and their charges, the status of the Welfare and Security Committee needs particular scrutiny.