Welfare and Security


December 3, 2001



Members Present: Tom Akins (CO-OP), Mary Ann Ingram (ECE), Frank Lambert (ECE),

Carole Moore (ACAD SVC), Gail Palmer (ECE), Chair,


Members Absent: Lionel Lemarchand (ModL), Stephen Popick (U Student), Barbara Henry (OSP), Ex Officio



1.       The meeting was called to order at 9:40 AM by Carole Moore, Chair.


2.       The minutes from the October 22nd meeting were read and approved.


3.       Carole Moore reported that the Executive Board has recommended that the committee proceed to assess needs through existing committees and task forces.  Welfare and Security would determine if issues are being addressed, and if not, make recommendations to the Executive Board.


4.       Tom Akins, the representative to the Parking and Transportation Committee, gave a report.  The budget was reviewed and discussed with and without project fee increases.  The committee also discussed options for placing parking meters in various zones on campus.


5.       Chuck Donbaugh from OHR was invited to attend and spoke on the status of childcare.  He informed the committee of the progress being made with the Home Park facility.  He shared the architectural plans for the facility.  Current residents will vacate the current Center as the existing facility will be demolished.  The facility will accommodate 120 children and will be managed by Bright Horizons.  The childcare center is tentatively scheduled to open in August 2002.


6.       Mary Ann Ingram, the representative for the Campus Safety Task Force, reported that it has been proposed that additional parking attendants would be provided on campus as requested by the committee. She also reported that when dialing from campus, it will no longer be necessary to dial 9-911. The campus emergency number will be changed to 911. 


7.       Gail Palmer, the representative for the Communications Preparedness Sub Committee, reported that several proposals were made to upgrade campus-wide communications during emergencies.  Other issues discussed were location for evacuation and quarantines.


8.       The next Welfare and Security Committee meeting will be January 14, 2002 at 9:30 AM.


9.       There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM.