Annual Report


Members of the Committee:

Members: Jilda Garton, Dave Millard, Chris Thompson, Matt Noury, William Wan, Jim Ellington, and Robert Pikowsky

Executive Board Liaison: Wayne Whiteman

Invited Guests: Mark Demyanek (EHS) and Teresa Crocker (police)


The Committee met on the following dates:  September 8, 2008; October 14, 2008; November 11, 2008; March 10, 2009. Much of our business was conducted via email during the Spring 2009 semester.


            The Welfare and Security Committee focused primarily on the campus smoking policy. Our effort was prompted by Assistant V.P. of Environmental Health and Safety Mark Demyanek, who suggested that our current policy should be more detailed. After much debate, the committee concluded that the campus policy should be revised to make clear that smoking is prohibited in buildings and in close proximity where smoke is likely to enter buildings. Our proposal was presented to the Faculty Senate and approved at the meeting held on April 21, 2009.


            A representative from the Welfare and Security Committee continued to attend meetings of the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee. Although the WSC is concerned about long term issues of convenience and safety as parking is moved outward from the center of campus, the PTAC is addressing other issues at the present time.


            Campus crime was an issue of concern to the committee. Police Chief Teresa Crocker and LT Carla Cook briefed the committee on principles of crime prevention.


            We are happy to note that Environmental Health and Safety has implemented a program to place Automatic Electronic Defibrillators at strategic locations around campus. The WSC has long encouraged adoption of such a program. EHS is contracting with Concentra Health Services to provide medical supervision. 56 new units have been deployed so far.