Welfare and Security Committee




December 11, 2006


RAB Boardroom




WSC Members Present: Jilda Garton, Chair (GTRC); Jane Weyant (COE); Tom Akins (DOPP) ex-officio; Carole Moore (Provost's Office); Hal Irvine (ODD); Matt Noury (GTRI); Gail Palmer (ECE). Special guest: Rosalind Meyers (Aux Srvcs); Robert Furniss (Dir-Parking & Transportation); James Hembree (Public Safety Captain).


1.                  The WSC approved the minutes from November 27, 2006

a.       Correct spelling of Tom Akins name.

b.      Correct the sentence in #4, add (s) to exist - making exist plural. No policy currently exists for student to faculty; the existing code of conduct should address the situation.

c.       Distributed a copy of Golf Cart Committee recommendations from Nov. 27th meeting.


2.                  Rosalind Meyers Parking 1995 Parking part of Police department - started building parking and transportation department.

1998- Hired first parking director

1995 4 parking structures currently have 11 parking structures

The first structure cost $11 K most recent cost 16 K/ per space

Annual debt service of parking went from $800 K/yr. to $ 5 M/yr.

Parking budget for FY08 $10 M; half is debt service. (each parking deck space cost more to operate (elevators, sanitation, lights, drainage, etc.).


Parking staff add to cost students used to do enforcement; no infrastructure/technology and database.


First project was the T2 System (current database and web interfaces, which needs to upgraded).

1.      Gated using buzz cards (cut down on towing cars).

2.      On-line ticket appeals

3.      web-based registration


In 2001, proposed a presentation to Dr. Clough to get rid of multiple rates and get to a single rate of $500 to reduce parking debt. After FY2005 we would commit to only 3% rate increases. Rosalind was overruled by higher administration, but proposed 3% increases.


Reviewed budget for parking (hand-outs)

        New ways to generate monies for parking (special events, AA, games, equipment.). Game Day Parking: AA (athletic Association) 1/3 of spaces available for faculty. AA and GIF pay for their use of parking. Permits holders are allowed to use any GT parking decks (governed by Parking & Transportation) after 5 pm or on the weekend you can get in any gated lot or Tech Square deck using buzzcard.

- New Cash lot access from Book Store

-         Credit card receptor

-         Tech Square/GLC

-         Pay on foot @ Burge

                    Maintenance (utilities, service, equipment).


                    New decks - in the next 5 years parking will need 2 more decks.

                    Working to get the State of Georgia to give off-campus citations.


Structural Engineering Consultant


Peters- poor to fair

10 yr. plan for maintenance

Annual maintenance plan


This will be folded into 10 yr Capitol Plan


Georgia Tech Master Plan



2001 60 K people Transit

2006 2.3 M people Transit


Parking funds do not cross subsidized any other activity


Howard Wethermen replaced Les Saunders


Ray Vito is Faculty Co-chair of PTAC.


The next schedule meeting is February 12, 2007 @ 3 pm in RAB's Boardroom. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned @ 5:10 p.m.