Welfare and Security Committee


October 14, 2008

Research Administration Building 1st floor conference room - 3:00PM


Attendance: Mark Ellington (new member), Mark Demyanek, Matt Noury, Dave Millard, Jilda Garton, Chris Thompson, Wayne Whiteman, Bob Pikowsky



1. Smoking Policy it was recommended that EH & S develop a policy similar to Ohio State University-Mansfield campus policy. Smoking will be prohibited in buildings or under outside overhangs (covered loading docks, covered porches, etc. Smoking will also be prohibited within 25 feet of doors, windows, or air intakes.


We may also consider asking building managers to locate ash trays or urns for smokers and designate an area to place them away from flammable materials, plant material, gas meters, air intakes, etc. Concern was expressed that the ash trays may not be emptied as necessary.


Mark Demyanek will draft a proposed smoking policy.


2. Dave agreed to present the WSC annual report at the faculty committee meeting.


3. Ad hoc parking and transportation committee will take on parking safety issues. The financial impact is currently being reviewed by Steve Swant.


4. EH&S has published boundaries for Low Speed Vehicles.


5. WSC will continue to monitor AED and Bike safety issues


6. WSC will ask Reid Gulley and Andy Alteizer to visit the committee and discuss campus safety, classroom lock and bike safety issues.



The next WSC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 11, 2008 in the GTRC Board Room in the Research Administrative Building.