Welfare and Security Committee



September 10, 2007

Research Administration Building Boardroom 3:00PM



WSC Members Present: David Millard, Bob Pikowsky, Hal Irvin, Matthew Noury, and Jilda Garton.  Absent: Michael Schaepe, Erika Via and Wayne Whiteman.


  1.  Introduction of New Members:  David Millard and Bob Pikowsky



2.  Reviewed 2006-2007 Activities

a.         Cart Policy

b.         AED Plan Implementation

      c.         Parking Cost

3.   Discussed campus emergency plan

·         Will place Pandemic Flu Plan on T-square

·         Will invite Andy Altizer to a meeting to discuss campus emergency/disaster plan.


  1. Matthew Noury reported on the Campus Safety Walk

      There are 3 separately maintained call box systems:

      Housing, Parking and Police.

·         Low hanging power lines near O’Keefe – there is an initiative to bury all    power lines – eventually.

·         There is a dark secluded area behind MARC.  It is designated green space but it needs lighting or security.

  1. New Business:

1.   Invite John Grovenstein to discuss:

      - ORP contributions

      - Other benefits changes

2.   Review Ex-Patriot Employee Policy when draft is released

            3.   Address Pedestrian Safety – particularly North Avenue crosswalks and                              10th Street Crosswalks.

            4.   WSC will use T-square to communicate.

6.  Old Business

1.                  Follow up on AED proposal

2.                  Follow up Motorized on Cart Proposal

3.                  The committee expressed thanks to Michele Green


Respectfully submitted,

            Michele Green