Welfare and Security Committee


September 8, 2008

Research Administration Building – 1st floor conference room - 3:00PM


WSC Members Present:  Jilda Garton, David Millard, Robert Pikowsky, Matt Noury, Wayne Whiteman and Mark Demyanek (permanent guest).


Introduction of members to the 2009 WSC.


Jilda Garton – Associate Vice Provost for Research – Georgia Tech Research Corp.

Mark Demyanek - Asst VP-Environ Health & Safety- Environmental Health & Safety

David Millard - Principal Research Engineer - GTRI-Info Tech TL (GTRI-ITTL)

Matt Noury - Research Engineer I - GTRI-Info Tech TL (GTRI-ITTL)

Robert Pikowsky - Academic Professional - Public Policy

Wayne Whiteman - Senior Academic Professional - Mechanical Engineering


Election of 2008-09 Chair

Bob Pikowsky was elected as the 2008-2009 Chairman of WSC.  As the new chair Mr. Pikowsky changed the WSC meeting dates to the 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 3 p.m.


A representative to present the Annual Report

Mr. Pikowsky will present the annual report at the General Faculty and General Faculty Assembly meeting on October 21, 2008.


WSC’s goals for 2008-09

            Address Parking Safety Issues

            -  The new location of parking

-  Define the perimeter of parking security

-  Secured & unsecured parking lots

-  Look into GSU’s recommendation for parking


            Close Circuit Camera’s

            -  review the development of the camera system integrated by GT


            Locks on classroom doors

-          Update the effort being made on campus

-          Make a high priority


            Sirens on campus

-          Indoor & outdoor procedures

-          Effectiveness of systems

-          Dead zones


            Low Speed Vehicle policy

-          Legal affairs currently drafting a policy / follow-up

-          Mandatory defensive driving class




-          Cost factors

-          Locations of AED machines on campus


            Campus Fire Safety

-          Right to know act recently passed by the Fed. Govt.

-          Fire incidents needed to be reported annually

-          Identify sprinkled and non sprinkled buildings


            Bike Safety

-          Bike paths

-          Rules & regulations of biking on campus

-          Pedestrian Safety

-          Crosswalks

-          Contractor Safety / Flagman


The meeting was adjourned at 4:03 p.m.  The next WSC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 14, 2008 in the GTRC Board Room in the Research Administrative Building.