Welfare and Security Committee


March 10, 2008

Research Administration Building Boardroom 3:00PM


WSC Members PresentJilda Garton, David Millard, Nick Wellcamp (sitting in for Erika Via).

Absent:  Bob Pikowsky, Erika Via, Michael Schaepe, Matt Noury, Wayne Whiteman, and Mark Demyanek.


A suggestion were made to set-up a new time to meet for the WSC meetings, that’s convenient to everyone’s schedule.  WSC will send out an survey.


David Millard volunteered to become the WSC member to attend the Emergency Preparedness and Safety Committee meetings.


New Business


WSC would like to invite Theresa Crocker to the next WSC meeting to discuss the campus crime and crime occurring near campus (Atlantic Station & Howell Mill).

The robbery that occurred at the North Avenue apartments and concerns about campus safety.


Old Business


Follow up with Bob Thompson about funding for classroom locks.

Replacement for Hal Irvin.



The next WSC meeting will be announce as soon as the survey for a new time/date is completed.