Welfare and Security Committee


October 9, 2006


Research Administration Building Boardroom



WSC Members Present:  Jilda Garton, Chair (GTRC); Jane Weyant (COE); Tom Adkins (DOPP) ex-officio; Carole Moore (Provost's Office); Hal Irvine (ODD); Matt Noury (GTRI); Gail Palmer (ECE).


1.                  The WSC approved the Minutes from September 7, 2006.


2.                  Reviewed Motorized Cart Policy drafted from Legal Affairs by Kate Wasch.  WSC will invite Kate Wasch to the next meeting to help implement the policy.  WSC will also extend an invitation to Chief Crocker & Marsha Kinstler.  Concerns WSC have pertaining to Motorized Carts that will be discussed at the next meeting.

a.       What happens to vehicles that don't meet requirements?

b.   What is allowed, when or where?

c.       Are motorized carts street legal vehicles? – what's the policy

d.      Motorized Carts  vs. Sidewalks & Pedestrians


3.                  Institute Council on Environmental Health & Safety (ICEHS) –  is currently being established at Georgia Tech.  The Council will serve as a forum for the development and implementation of polices and procedures for chemical, biological, radiological, occupational health, and environmental health and safety, and for the integration of policies.   WSC views the ICEHS council as positive, that will bring safe issues for the campus.  Marsha Kinstler will be at the next meeting to speak more on the reorganization of EHS.


4.                  WSC will follow up on the implementation of the AED proposal with Bob Thompson and Gary Schuster. 


5.                  Current parking complaints:

a.       Parking lots closing for scheduled games

b.      Relocation parking for paid employees

c.       Displacement causing distress and safety concerns.


a.       Indicate on website which spaces will be relocated during game season.

b.      Give alternative parking space

c.       Prorate parking


6.                  Parking Budget and Costs for On-Campus Parking – WSC will send a representative to attend November's Strategic Plan meeting and Parking Committee meeting.  Issues discussed by WSC consisted of parking charges; available spaces; security issues; sliding scales; alternative transportation i.e. MARTA/Stinger and their safety concerns.  WSC will send a representative to talk with Bob Thompson about equity in parking based on location and income.


7.                  Pedestrian Safety – WSC suggest adding brighter green highlighted crosswalk signs for Pedestrians and will check with GT Police about purchasing more signs.  WSC discussed designating a stop location for FED-EX/UPS delivery that won't jeopardize student's safety.  Theresa Crocker will be asked to discuss crime stats at GT, what can be done about it and what's being done currently.


8.                  Other Business – WSC will request minutes from the Sexual Advisory Committee.

WSC will invite Amelia Gambino and Theresa Crocker to a meeting to discuss disaster plans and emergency preparedness. 


The next schedule meeting is November 12 @ 3pm in RAB's boardroom.  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:13 pm.