Welfare and Security Committee Minutes

November 9, 2010

Research Administration Building – 1st floor conference room - 4:00 PM


Guest Speaker


Pat McKenna –AVP, Legal Affairs & Risk Mgt



Bob Pikowsky

Mark Demyanek

Teresa Crocker

John Semmens (SGA representative)

Jim Ellington

Margaret Kosal

Kevin Wozniak

Leigh Bottomley

Jilda Garton


Topics of discussion: Safety While Traveling Abroad (update to previous meeting) and new Risk Management Organizational Structure


Senior administration officials will meet tomorrow to discuss issues of safety while traveling abroad. They’ll consider retaining International SOS to support overseas travel. They’ll also weigh the options of creating a new unit within Georgia Tech to manage overseas travel, or strengthening the existing support structure. Budget decisions will have to be made.


The new legal affairs and risk management structure combines Georgia Tech’s legal, risk management, and compliance functions under a single unit. A newly formed committee will advise senior administration when new issues come to light and will suggest solutions.


We adjourned at 4:55 pm.

No December meeting is scheduled.


Areas of pending business:

a.       Naming a replacement for Jim Ellington, who has retired.

b.      Establishing a new agenda for the Spring 2011 semester.