Welfare and Security Committee Minutes

October 12, 2010

Research Administration Building – 1st floor conference room - 4:00 PM


Guest Speakers:

Doug Podoll – Dir, Global Human Resources

Terry Culver – Program Specialist, Research Security Department, GTRI



 Bob Pikowsky

Mark Demyanek

Teresa Crocker

John Semmens (SGA)

Jim Ellington (Retiring in November)

Margaret Kosal



Topic of discussion:  Safety While Traveling Abroad


Our guests gave us an overview of matters related to safety and insurance while traveling abroad on Georgia Tech business. GTRI provides its employees with a defensive travel briefing. It covers information protection and mobile computing, as well as basic advice on personal safety.


Georgia Tech doesn’t provide medical insurance for employees or students traveling abroad. Of the health insurance options available during open enrollment, only the Blue Cross/Blue Shield preferred provider plan includes overseas coverage.


Two-week health insurance policies for international travel can be purchased. Most international travel is completed within this period. Students are required to obtain health insurance when traveling abroad as part of a Georgia Tech program.


Georgia Tech administration is considering contracting with a service called “International SOS” for assistance associated with international travel. International SOS provides travel advisories and vaccination information. The company can help someone find an English-speaking doctor in the event of illness or injury, and can arrange for emergency repatriation in the event of natural disaster or medical necessity.


Georgia Tech does not have a central office designated to track the location of employees traveling overseas on Institute business. This isn’t common practice among our peer institutions. However, the travel office can perform this function since they process Georgia Tech travel authorizations. International SOS would be able to coordinate with the Travel Office if we reach agreement on a contract.


We adjourned at 5:15 pm. 

Our next scheduled meeting is November 9, 2010 in Research Administration Building Boardroom at 4:00.