Welfare and Security Committee Minutes

September 14, 2010

Research Administration Building – 1st floor conference room - 4:00 PM



Bob Pikowsky – robert.pikowsky@gatech.edu:  

Mark Demyanek  - mark.demyanek@ehs.gatech.edu

Teresa Crocker  - Teresa.crocker@police.gatech.edu

John Semmens (SGA),  – jsemmens@gatech.edu

Kevin Wozniak – Kevin.wozniak@gtrc.gatech.edu

Jim Ellington – jim.ellington@gtri.gatech.edu

Margaret Kosal – Margaret.kosal@inta.gatech.edu;

Jilda Garton – Jilda.garton@gtrc.gatech.edu

Leigh Bottomlee – leigh.bottomley@gatech.edu


The WSC committee re-elected Robert Pikowsky as chair.


Reviewed past topics such as:

-          Discussion of status of Parking and Transportation plan for low speed vehicles

Mark Demyanek confirmed that new regulations governing low speed vehicles, golf carts, and tractors are nearly completed. Implementation will be expensive because many vehicles currently in use will be out of compliance with the new rules.


-          Tech Square Area Stoplights

Police Chief Crocker informed the WSC that the city of Atlanta will not change the timing of stoplights in the Tech Square area. This matter had been discussed by the WSC last academic year.


-          “Concealed carry” law

Chief Crocker updated the WSC on the new “concealed carry” gun law and how it impacts GT. We had discussed House Bill 615 last academic year before the state legislature enacted any amendments to the existing gun laws. The new law allows people to keep a gun in their car.


Topic for review in the current academic year:

-          Welfare and security of faculty, staff and students when traveling in foreign countries

o   Health and services (immunizations, medical services, insurance, tax planning guidelines for extended trips).

o   Timely updates on security concerns, natural disasters, etc.


WSC might want to consider whether a central office should track the location of faculty and staff in foreign countries, whether adequate insurance is available, whether sufficient travel orientation is offered, and whether the Student Health Center might provide additional services. These are just possible areas for further discussion. Jilda will invite Doug Podoll to our meeting on Oct. 12, 2010. We may then be in a better position to decide what we want to do. Bob will invite Pat McKenna to our November 9, 2010 meeting.

We adjourned at 5:15 pm.  Our next scheduled meeting is October 12, 2010 in Research Administration Building Boardroom at 4:00.