Welfare and Security Committee Minutes

April 13, 2011

Research Administration Building 1st floor conference room - 4:00 PM


Guest Speaker


Reed Galli Physical Security Manager, Police Department



Bob Pikowsky

Mark Demyanek

Andrew Hardin

Kevin Wozniak

Leigh Bottomley

Al Concord


Topic of discussion: Update on status of security cameras on campus


Reed Galli updated the committee on the use of security cameras around campus. We have approximately 800 cameras. They are concentrated at building entrances and stairwells. The police department can view about 150 of them in real time through software. I.P. cameras cost about $425 apiece. Installations cost about $150-$300. Another 150 I.P. cameras will be installed by the end of the year.


The Department of Homeland Security provided grant money to install 32 cameras in the football stadium. About 40 cameras will be installed in the Campus Recreation Center. The new Clough building will have 64 cameras.


Cameras are not routinely monitored. OIT maintains video servers to store video footage for retrieval if necessary. Reed monitors stadium cameras during football games. These cameras can pan and zoom via joystick controls.


A security guard used to monitor about 64 cameras in Tech Square. This position was lost due to budget cuts.