Welfare and Security Committee Minutes

March 9, 2011

Research Administration Building – 1st floor conference room - 4:00 PM


Guest Speakers


Andy Altizer and Will Smith, Police Dept.



Bob Pikowsky

Andrew Hardin

Randy Barrone (for Teresa Crocker)

Margaret Kosal

Al Concord


Topics of discussion: Campus response to heavy snowfall resulting in late start of Spring 11 semester


Andy explained that priorities were:

1.      Roads—Ferst and Atlantic were cleared Monday night

2.      Sidewalks—In particular the sidewalks between dorms and dining halls

3.      Walkways into buildings

4.      Parking lots—room for improvement here, but we didn’t have enough resources


Dining halls only had three days’ supply of food. Meals were a priority. The storm took Atlanta city officials by surprise. Ga Tech took over responsibility for clearing campus entry roads so employees could get in to campus.


Maggie advised that the Habersham building parking lot was still very icy as of Thursday. Information about parking conditions wasn’t available through the Parking office or Ga Tech’s web site. However, Facebook was a good source of up-to-date information.


Initially, the Parking office was responsible for clearing snow from the parking decks. Then Facilities took over the job. It is now Facilities’ responsibility. Ga Tech didn’t have the equipment necessary to clear such a heavy snow. Now we have a four-wheel-drive vehicle and more snow removal equipment.


The decision to delay opening for the Spring semester was made Sunday evening before classes were scheduled to begin on Monday. The offices of the President, Provost, Executive Vice President, Police, and Communications all took part in the decision making process. Conference calls took place in the morning and late evening to decide whether to remain closed on a day-to-day basis.


An after-action plan has been drafted. And an improvement plan with advice on how to do better next time has also been prepared.