Annual Report


Members of the Committee: Leigh Bottomley, Al Concord, Andrew Hardin, Erick Maxwell, Margaret Kosal, Bob Pikowsky, and Ariana Daftarian

Executive Board Liaison: Kevin Wozniak

Invited Guests: Mark Demyanek (EHS) and Teresa Crocker (GT Police)


The Committee met on the following dates: 1 September 2011, 26 October 2011, 30 November 2012, 26 January 2012, 24 February 2012, and 37 April 2012.


The committee continued its historic interest in pedestrian safety on campus. This year we discussed a long-standing area of concern: the lack of a crosswalk across Tech Parkway behind the Student Health Center. This site is similar to the North Ave area adjacent to the Alumni House. Mr. Vince Pedecino (IAC) briefed the committee on his efforts to work with the City and with Tech. The Committee chair met with Mr. Chuck Rhode (Facilities).


The Committee continues in its support of Institute-wide efforts to secure emergency travel information and evacuation for faculty and staff. We were apprised of continuing efforts related to international travel and risk management by Dr. Doug Podoll (HR).


Representative of the police department briefed the Committee on the state of on-campus and near-campus crime. It was noted that crime rates overall are down.


Due to concerns about parking expressed by several members of the campus community, the Committee looked into incidence of events at CRC that were associated with disruption to traffic on the west side of campus and closure of the W01, W02, and W10 parking decks to annual parking pass holders. The Committee Chair was briefed by the Parking Director at the Spring PTAC on future efforts to minimize disruption to education mission and to annual pass holders (faculty, students, and staff) during regular campus instructional and business hours.