Annual Report


Members of the Committee:

Members: Leigh Bottomley, Jim Ellington (replaced by Al Concord), Jilda Garton, Andrew Hardin, Margaret Kosal, Bob Pikowsky, and John Semmens (replaced byAnkita Tippur).

Executive Committee Liaison: Kevin Wozniak

Invited Guests: Mark Demyanek (EHS) and Teresa Crocker (Police)


The Committee met on the following dates: September 14, 2010, October 12, 2010, November 9, 2010, March 9, 2011, and April 13, 2011.


We began the new academic year with a brief discussion of some business carried over from last Spring, when we discussed the possibility of changing the timing of some stoplights in the Tech Square area. Police Chief Crocker told us that the stoplights are under the control of the City of Atlanta and we shouldn’t expect any changes.


Our primary efforts focused on support for faculty traveling abroad. In conversations with Doug Podoll (Director, Global Human Resources) and Pat McKenna (AVP, Legal Affairs and Risk Management) we discussed the option of contracting with a service called “International SOS” for assistance associated with international travel. International SOS provides travel advisories and vaccination information. The company can help someone find an English-speaking doctor in the event of illness or injury, and can arrange for emergency repatriation in the event of natural disaster or medical necessity.


Georgia Tech does not have a central office designated to track the location of employees traveling overseas on Institute business. This isn’t common practice among our peer institutions. However, the travel office can perform this function since it processes Georgia Tech travel authorizations. International SOS would be able to coordinate with the Travel Office if we reach agreement on a contract.


No decision had been made about retaining International SOS when the WSC adjourned for the year.


We also discussed the response to the heavy snowfall that resulted in a late start to the January 2011 semester. Andy Altizer and Will Smith from the Police Dept. provided an overview of snow removal efforts.


Initially, the Parking office was responsible for clearing snow from the parking decks. Then Facilities took over the job. It is now Facilities’ responsibility. Ga Tech didn’t have the equipment necessary to clear such a heavy snow. Now we have a four-wheel-drive vehicle and more snow removal equipment.


An after-action plan has been drafted. And an improvement plan with advice on how to do better next time has also been prepared.