Annual Report


Members of the Committee: Tom Akins (DOPP) ex officio, Hal Irvin (Org Dev), Jilda Garton (GTRC), Carol Moore (Office of the Provost), Gail Palmer (ECE), Paul Supawanich (Student), and Jane Weyant (COE)


The Committee met on the following dates: 10/5/2006, 12/11/2006, 1/8/2007, 2/19/2007, 4/9/2007, 6/11/2007/ 7/9/2007 and 9/10/2007.  Our areas of focus for the year included:


Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) – The WSC followed-up on the previous year’s recommendation to begin a campus-wide program to install AEDs in all areas of the campus.  Such a program would cut the response time to a sudden cardiac arrest event from 6-8 minutes to 3-4 minutes, corresponding to a 30%- 40% increase in the chance of survival for anyone suffering such an event on campus. In addition, being the first institute of higher learning in Georgia (and one of the first in the U.S.) to have a campus-wide AED program would provide Georgia Tech with positive publicity, an enhanced reputation in the community, and an improved working environment.  The WSC proposal for a campus-wide AED program is based upon a five-year commitment to install a total of 350 AEDs (at an estimated cost of $505,750 total and $1,445.00 each) incrementally:  150 in 2006 for $216,750 and 50 each year thereafter for $72,250/yr. The AEDs would be installed in all academic units and other priority and high traffic areas (Student Center, Ferst Theatre).  The proposal was delivered to Robert Thompson.  The WSC was informed that the proposal had been forwarded to senior administrators in Business and Finance for their recommendations. 


Parking Fee Increase – The WSC met with Rosalind Meyers, Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services, regarding increases in parking rates.  The detailed budget for the Parking Office was reviewed with WSC.  WSC urged the Parking Office keep in mind low cost alternatives including satellite lots.  The chair of WSC has been invited to attend meeting of the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee..


Student Conduct and Treatment of Harassment of Faculty by StudentsThe WSC reviewed with the Office of Legal Affairs the current student disciplinary policy which does accommodate discipline of students for harassing or threatening behavior directed towards faculty, staff, and other students. 


Pandemic Flu, Ex Patriot Faculty, and Export ControlsThe WSC began reviewing several policies that were in development in 2006-2007.  These are ongoing activities that will lead to recommendations in the current year.  These include the Motorized Cart Policy (which has been stalled for several years), and polices that apply to Georgia Tech faculty assigned to overseas campuses as well as benefits available to those individuals, and export control compliance.  Dr. Cindy Smith presented the campus Pandemic Flu Plan to WSC.


Pedestrian Safety – WSC pointed out to Police Chief Teresa Crocker and Parking Director Bob Furniss that revised placement of crosswalks and more pedestrian signs are needed.  A representative from WSC participated in the Campus Safety Walk. 


Environmental Health and Safety – The WSC invited Mark Demyanek, Associate Vice President for Environmental Health and Safety to attend WSC meetings to provide information about upcoming policy development by the Institute Council for Environmental Health and Safety.  This new committee was created in 2006 to serve as a coordinating body for the various committees that have roles and responsibilities in implementing Institute policies and procedures for health and safety in Georgia Tech’s research and educational programs.  The Council is chaired by Dr. Ron Rousseau of the School of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and is composed of the chairs of the regulatory committees (Institute Radiation Safety Committee, Chemical and Environmental Safety Committee, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, The Occupational Health and Safety Committee, the Institute Biosafety Committee) and other institutional officials.