Welfare and Security Committee

Meeting of January 27, 2000


Present: Julie Sinor (GTRI-ITTL), Gary Parker (ISyE), Frank Lambert (ECE), Meredith Robinson (UG Stu), Chuck Donbaugh (OHR) (guest), Carole Moore (Provost), chair.

Absent: Gisele Welch(GTRI-EOEML), Caroline Clower (Grad. Stu) (guest), Jim Cannady (GTRI-ITTL), Robert Lang (GTRI-RSO)


  1. The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Carole Moore, chair.
  2. The minutes of the December 9 meeting were read and approved.
  3. Chuck Donbaugh from OHR came in and spoke on the status of childcare. He informed the committee of the progress being made with the Home Park facility. An architectural plan is in the works and should be finished soon. He agreed to come back and show us the plans when they are ready. It will be determined whether the existing facility should be renovated or completely rebuilt. The facility may handle between 100-120 children. The management of the facility will be outsourced and bids have been received from 2 companies. Some money has already been invested in the heating system.
  4. Other issues to be pursued:
  1. Family Leave Policy. Carole will talk with April Brown for clarification and to determine if the committee may wish to be involved. She will also see if she could come to one of our next meetings to speak on this issue.
  2. Chief Vickery stated that he would be glad to come and give an update on safety and security of the campus. Carole will try to get him for the next meeting.
  3. Carole is going to talk with Mark Smith, Chair of the Statutes Committee, about the upcoming Academic Senate meeting.
  4. We would like Bob Lang to give an update on parking at our next meeting.


5. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:45. The next meeting will be 10:00 on February 24.