Minutes of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

December 8, 1999


Present: Cain (MATH); Dowling (ARCH); Eiselt (CoC-for Ram); Giebelhaus (HTS); Hughes (ECE); Radigan (Student for Evans); Roper (Reg); Sankar (AE); Schneider (MGT); Scott (ECE);Wilkinson (CHEM)

Visitors: DiSabatino (Dean - Students); McIver (Reg); Verzyl (Reg)


  1. A request from the Study Abroad Program in Australia to all students registering for ARCH 4821RL (3 hours) during Spring term, 2000, to use these hours in satisfying the humanities requirement was approved (1-3).
  2. At the request of the College of Computing, the following course numbers and title changes were approved:

CS 1301 Computer Science I to CS 1311 Intro to Computing 2-3-3

CS 1302 Computer Science II to CS 1312 Object-Oriented Programming 2-3-3


Items 3 through 6 relate to matters which influence records of individual students. They are private and not reproduced here.