Minutes of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

November 17, 1999


Present: Cain (MATH); Dowling (ARCH); Eiselt (CoC-for Ram); Evans (Student); Giebelhaus (HTS); Hughes (ECE); McMath (Provost); Roper (Reg); Sankar (AE); Schneider (MGT); Wilkinson (CHEM-for Moran; Wills (ECE)

Visitors: Charles (Intl Progs); Henry (Intl Progs); McIver (Reg); Olds (AE); Rockwood (ModL); Wentz (HPS); Weyant (CoE)


  1. The following new course proposed by the College of Computing was approved:
  2. CS 4710 Intro to Computing for Bioinformatics 3-3-4

  3. The following requests from the School of History, Technology and Society were approved:
  4. Course Title Change:

    HTS 3045 Nazi Germany and the Holocaust 3-0-3

    Blanket Substitution:

    For all students admitted to the Institute before Fall 1999, and graduating under the semester calendar:

    To substitute 3 hours of free electives for CS 1301.

  5. The following blanket substitution requested by the College of Engineering for all degree programs offered in the College was approved:
  6. For all students transferring into the Institute who receive transfer credit for ECON 2105 or 2106:

    To substitute ECON 2105 or 2106 for ECON 2100

  7. The following new courses proposed by the Department of Health and Performance Sciences were approved:
  8. HPS 3804 Special Topics 4-0-4

    HPS 3904 Special Problems TBA

  9. A request from the Department of Modern Languages for a 12-semester hour Certificate Program in Chinese was approved.
  10. The following new courses proposed by the School of Aerospace Engineering were approved:
  11. AE 1355 Design Competition I 1-6-3

    AE 2355 Design Competition II 1-6-3

    AE 3355 Design Competition III 1-6-3

    AE 4355 Design competition IV 1-6-3

  12. The following new courses proposed by the School of Electrical and Computer engineering were approved:
  13. ECE 3951 Undergraduate Research I TBA P/F only

    ECE 3952 Undergraduate Research II TBA L/G only

    ECE 4110 Internetwork Programming 3-3-4

    ECE 4410 Analog Filters 3-0-3

    ECE 4951 Undergraduate Research III TBA P/F only

    ECE 4952 Undergraduate Research IV TBA L/G only

  14. A request from the Schools of AE, CEE, ChE, ME, MSE, and TFE for a semester credit hour change was approved:
  15. AE/CEE/ChE/ME/MSE/TFE 4794 Composite Materials & Manufacturing from a 2-3-3 to 3-3-4

  16. A request from the School of Materials Science and Engineering for a Semester credit hour change was approved:
  17. MSE 4310 Microscopy of Materials from a 3-0-3 to 2-3-3

  18. The chair introduced Ms. Amy Bass Henry and Dr. Harvey Charles from the Office of International Education who made a presentation to the committee concerning Eligibility for Participation in Georgia Tech Study Abroad programs. During the orientation, it was suggested that the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee become more involved in the activities of the Study Abroad programs. Following the presentation, Ms. Henry and Dr. Charles answered questions from the committee member.
  19. After a general discussion, it was agreed that no action would be taken at this time; the Study Abroad topic would be put on a future agenda for additional discussion and possibly recommendations to the Academic Senate.