Minutes of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

October 13, 1999


Present: Cain (MATH); Dowling (ARCH); Eiselt (CoC-for Ram); Evans (Student); Giebelhaus (HTS); Hughes (ECE); Roper (Reg); Sankar (AE); Schneider (MGT); Wilkinson (CHEM-for Moran; Wills (ECE)

Visitors: Verzyl (Reg)


  1. Dr. A. Giebelhaus was elected Vice-chair for 1999-2000.
  2. The following course number changes for the following IntA courses were approved at the Aug. 4, 1999 meeting and were accepted:

INTA 3240 to INTA 3241 Government and Politics of Latin America 3-0-3

INTA 4130 to INTA 4101 Politics of the Vietnam War 3-0-3

INTA 4230 to INTA 4331 Chinese Policies in Transition 3-0-3

INTA 4231 to INTA 4332 Chinese Institution and Policy Process 3-0-3


Items 3 through 8 relate to matters which influence records of individual students. They are private and not reproduced here.