Minutes of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

March 1, 2000


Present: Andrew (MATH-for Cain); Dowling (ARCH); Evans (Student); Ferri (ME); Giebelhaus (HTS); Hughes (ECE); McMath (Provost); Moran (CHEM); Schneider (MGT); Wills (ECE)

Visitors: Barke (IAC); Blum (MGT); Man (PSY); Nobles (HTS); Rosser (IAC)

  1. Bob McMath presented a proposal to offer a 7-week session Summer 2000. McMath discussed reasons why the request was being made again. He explained that the proposal was for Summer 2000 only, experimental and voluntary. A proposed schedule for the session was presented. Discussion followed including comments from Dean Terry Blum, Dupree College of Management; Dean Sue Rosser, Ivan Allen College, and Jack Marr, School of Psychology.
  2. A motion was made to approve the 7-week session as presented by Dr. McMath for Summer 2000 only. The motion was amended to remove the Tuesday, Thursday scheduling option. The motion was seconded and approved (6-3-0).

Items 2 through 8 relate to matters which influence records of individual students. They are private and not reproduced here.