Minutes of the Undergraduate Curriculum Meeting

February 16, 2000


Present: Cain (MATH); Dowling (ARCH); Eiselt (CoC-for Ram); Evans (Student); Ferri (ME)

Visitors: Giebelhaus (HTS); Hartley (ME); Hughes (ECE); Moran (CHEM); Parsons (MGT-for Schneider); Sankar (AE); Wius (ECE); Akins (Co-op); Barke (LCC); DiSabatino (Student Affairs)


  1. The Schools of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering requested that ME 2751 and AE 2751 be de-crosslisted. A motion was made to de-crosslist the courses. The new AE course will be AE 2120 Introduction to Mechanics. The number for the ME course to be determined by the Registrar (ME 2211) and will have the same title. The motion was seconded and approved.
  2. A proposal was made to allow courses to be offered on an accelerated summer term, either six or seven weeks, for Summer 2000. Discussion included ability to restrict the number of hours a student could take; rationale for offering the course; and availability of courses on the regular summer schedule. A motion was made to deny the request for an accelerated summer term in 2000 but to explicitly state the committee's willingness to consider a similar request for future summer terms. The motion was seconded. There were ten votes for, one opposed, and one abstention. The motion was approved.
  3. The subcommittee of the UCC will meet on February 28 at 10:00 a.m. in the College of Sciences conference room. Gus Giebelhaus, Betty Dowling and Joe Hughes will serve on that committee.
  4. It was decided to consider petitions at the March 22nd meeting and to review the need to add a meeting when necessary to consider petitions in a timely manner.
  5. Discussion was held on the sensitive nature of disclosure of personal information on student petitions and the role that the registrar would play in the processing of these petitions. It was decided that the committee would continue to hear the full text of the student's petition, with the need for full disclosure of supporting documents to be handled on a case-by-case basis. This procedure will be used for the meeting on March 1, and then reviewed, if needed.
  6. The chair will make a presentation to the Executive Board on March 21 reviewing the committee's activities and charges.