MAY 13, 2002



PRESENT: Dowling (COA), Ferri (ME), Finkelstein (PHYS), Guzdial (COC), Hughes (ECE), Lacey (MATH), McIver (REG), Sankar (AE), Schneider (DCOM)


VISITORS: Stephanie Ray (ODOS-for Gail DiSabatino)



1.       Chairman Hughes reported that there was some concern that the AP course designator for Applied Physiology would be confused with Advanced Placement credit on the transcript.  The committee agreed that the designator should be changed to APPH.


2.       Chairman Hughes also reported that there was concern that the INTN courses with the title of “Modern Language International Internship” was too restrictive and that “Modern Language” should be removed from the title. The Committee felt that this was a reasonable concern and instructed Hughes to discuss the change with the Co-op Office and the School of Modern Languages. 


3.       Chairman Hughes reported that there were several students who had outstanding “I” grades from Fall 2001 that were given for alleged academic dishonesty and the cases had not been adjudicated by the end of Spring 2002. Under Institute policy, these “I” grades would be changed to “F” if the student were enrolled Spring 2002.  The Office of Student Services requested that the “I” grades not be automatically changed to “F” at the end of the term, allowing time to process the outstanding cases.  A motion was made giving the Registrar’s Office the authority to extend an “I” grade for academic dishonesty when the student’s case had not been completed.  The Dean of Students will give the Registrar’s Office a list of students at the end of each term who should receive the extension.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous


4.       motion was made that Chairman Hughes would meet with the Athletic Association to express the Committee’s concerns regarding advisement of athletes.  The motion was seconded and approved. 


5.       The Committee reviewed 39 petitions covering 41actions.  All were approve unless noted:


18-re-admission for summer/fall 2002, spring 2003

   4-to substitute course(s) for other course(s)

   9-to waive 10-year/36-hour rule (2 denied)

   2-to register summer 2002 after withdrawing spring 2002

   3-to overload summer 2002 schedule (1 denied)

   1-to give honors with less than required hours

   3-to change grade(s) to “W(s)”

   1-to be concurrently enrolled at Ga Perimeter





M. Jo McIver