January 9, 2002



Members Present:  Dowling (COA), Ferri (ME), Finkelstein (PHYS), George (Student), Hughes (ECE), Kingsley (PUBP), Kingsley (PUBP), Lacey (MATH), LeBlanc (COC-for Guzdial), McIver (REG), McMath (Provost), DiSabatino (ODOS), Sankar (AE), Schneider (DCOM), Wills (ECE)


Visitors:  Barke (IAC), Bodo (OOA), Eiselt (COC)



1.      The General Education sub-committee presented its final report.  During the discussion, several areas were addressed.  Wills stated that the report had been distributed to all academic departments with a request for comments and that faculty meetings had been held with the College of Sciences and the Ivan Allen College.  There was no significant negative feedback on the objectives and most of the concerns expressed were related to implementation of the assessment process.


Hughes discussed issues related to the ongoing process for implementing general education assessment and review.  Bethany Bodo is currently working on a proposal that would include establishment of a permanent IUCC sub-committee on general education that would have oversight responsibilities for assessment implementation and review.  The Office of Assessment would have primary responsibility for assessment of the requirements, although certain specific objectives and outcomes may become the responsibility of individual academic programs.  Hughes stated that the committee needs to address the issue of Core Area B and its relationship to the computing objectives, based on its action earlier this year to temporarily modify the Core Area B requirements.  He also mentioned that the Executive Board had requested the committee to address the issue of a possible diversity requirement within the curriculum.


Hughes stated that he was scheduled to meet with the Executive Board on January 15 for an update on this issue.  Additionally, a request has been made to present the General Education report to the joint General Faculty Assembly and Academic Senate meeting on February 5.  A draft implementation plan and recommendations will be distributed to the committee in advance of the March meeting so that these issues can be formally considered at that time.


A motion was made to approve the report of the sub-committee and end its obligation.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous


2.      Minutes of the November 14, November 28, and December 5 meetings were approved without dissent.


3.                  Three student appeals, covering five actions, were heard.  Additionally, three student petitions were reviewed.  All were approved unless noted.


1-appeal to be readmitted spring 2002

1-appeal to transfer courses taken while concurrently enrolled (denied)

1-appeal to received humanities credit for nondesignated courses  (denied)

2-appeal to substitute courses

1-to substitute courses

1-to re-enter spring 2002 after drop fall 2001

1-to take 15 hours spring 2002


4.      A motion was made to approve the 7-week summer session as a permanent option, with the same format as used in the past two summers.  The Registrar will determine appropriate times and dates for course scheduling.  The motion was seconded and approved.   Unanimous


5.      Hughes distributed the proposed IUCC membership allocation, based on pending changes to the Institute Statutes to increase the size of the committee, and a related proposal for election procedures.






M. Jo McIver