February 25, 2004


PRESENT: Choi (BIOL), Davis (ECE), Guzdial (COC), Hughes (ECE), Kingsley (PUBP), Kohl (ChBE), Lynch (ME), McMath (Provost), McIver (REG), Parsons (MGT), Sankar (AE), Tone (HTS),


VISITORS: Benkeser (BME), Colatrella (LCC), Johnson (ODOS for DiSabatino), Knoespel (LCC), McGuire (LCC),Rahnema (NRE/MP), Senf (LCC), Upton (ODOS), Wills (ECE)


1.       A motion was made to approve the minutes of the January 5, January 14, and January 28, 2004 minutes.The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.


2.       Informational Item:The College of Management requested that the only pre-requisite for MGT 3510 is MGT 3501.


3.       Chairman Wills presented changes to Faculty Handbook.These changes dealt with the regular degree review process.


4.       The School of Literature, Communications and Culture requested a new track/option in Gender Studies within the StaC degree and the following new courses.A motion was made to approve the request.The motion was seconded and approved.Unanimous.

Gender Studies Option

The option follows the basic structure of the STaC degree, but replaces a STaC elective with LCC 2200 and concentrates work in gender-related courses.



LCC 2200 Introduction to Gender Studies (3-0-3)

LCC3225 Gender Studies in the Disciplines



LCC 3224

LCC 3224 and LCC 3225 are equivalent courses.


5.       The Department of Biomedical Engineering requested the following new course, BMED 4750 and that this course be cross listed with NRE/MP 4750.The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.



BMED 4750Diagnostic Imaging(3-0-3)


6.       The College of Management requested several new courses related to internships and special problems.After much discussion, a motion was made to table the request.The motion was seconded and approved.Unanimous.


7.       The School of Aerospace Engineering requested the Committee approve a withdrawal for all students in AE 2220, summer 2003, who petition. This request is the result of a grade grievance. It was noted that the Committee does not deal with grade grievances but could approve withdrawals as a result of the request of the school.A motion was made to approve the request.The motion was seconded and approved.Unanimous.The individual petitions will be processed by the Registrarís Office.


8.       The Committee heard four personal appeals, and reviewed 44 petitions.All were approved except noted:


2-appeals to withdraw from courses

1-appeal to waive 36-hour rule (referred back to major school department}

1-appeal to have all courses deleted spring 2004 (denied)

11-readmitted summer/fall 2004

17-to withdraw from courses

9-to waive 10-year/36-hour rule

4-to receive credit for course taken in order to satisfy degree requirement

1-to enroll summer 2004






M. Jo McIver