Student Regulation Committee


April 10, 2000


Members Present: Paul Benkeser (Chair/ECE/BMED), William Bullock (Arch), Deborah Johnson (Public Policy), Alan Larson (ME), Jo McIver (Registrar), and Lee Wilcox (VPSA)

Members Absent: Fred Andrew (Math), Robert Hill (SGA/U Student), Nick Lalwani (SGA/U), Janise McNair (SGA/G Student), Barbara Walker (Library), and Peter McGuire (Exc. Bd. Lia./LCC)

Visitor: Scott Verzyl (Registrar)

  1. The Committee discussed a report (see attachment) from the Office of the Registrar that included a recommendation to change the 72-rule. The change is needed to accommodate the change in the commencement scheduling that will take effect in Fall 2001. There will be a shorter time period between when grades are due and the commencement ceremony, particularly once every seven years when a December commencement ceremony will need to be held in less than 7 days after the end of finals week.
  2. Some members of the Committee expressed concern over the part of the recommendation that eliminated a student's ability to take a re-examination to remove a single deficiency and still receive a diploma at the commencement ceremony. The Committee decided to defer action on this until receiving a report from the Registrar regarding how many students would be impacted by the removal of the re-exam. It was also noted that no student members were present at the meeting and that the Committee was not comfortable moving forward without their feedback.

  3. The Committee unanimously approved a recommendation from the Office of the Registrar to add a section to the General Faculty Handbook, Section to read:

"Final grades should be submitted to the Registrar's office as soon as possible, but no later than 48 hours after the completion of the final exam for the course. If the 48-hour deadline falls on a weekend, then grades are due by 9am Monday."