Student Regulation Committee

February 22, 2000



Present: Fred Andrew (Math), Paul Benkeser (Chair/ECE/BMED), Deborah Johnson (Public Policy), Tyler Brown (SGA/U Student - standing in for Nick Lalwani), Jo McIver (Registrar), Janise McNair (SGA/G Student), Barbara Walker (Library), and Lee Wilcox (VPSA).

Absent: William Bullock (Arch), Robert Hill (SGA/U Student), Alan Larson (ME), and Peter McGuire (Exc. Bd. Lia./LCC)

Visitor: Debbie Williamson (Registrar)


  1. The committee discussed a proposal (see Attachment) from Tyler Brown and Nick Lalwani regarding a change in the current policy in the faculty handbook regarding examination and quizzes given during the week preceding final exams (commonly referred to as "dead week"). The committee unanimously approved the following motion:
  2. To change section of the Faculty Handbook from:

    "Quizzes should not be given later than one week prior to the final examination period for the course involved, nor should they be given after Wednesday of the week preceding final exams. All quizzes should be graded and returned on or before the Friday preceding final exam week."


    "Quizzes and tests may not be given during the week preceding final exams. No final exam will be given earlier than final exam week under any circumstances. All quizzes and tests must be graded and returned on or before the last day of class preceding final exam week."

  3. The committee also discussed replacing the 72-hour rule with a 48-hour rule. The rationale for such a change is that about once every seven years the December commencement ceremony will need to be held in less than 7 days after the end of finals week. Without such a change some students requesting grades changes or re-exams may not be able to receive their diplomas in the ceremony. The Committee decided to defer action on this until receiving a report from the Registrar regarding how such a change would impact their operation.