Student Grievance & Appeal Committee Annual Report




Committee Members:  Ken Cunefare (ME, Chair), Roberto Leon (CEE), David Shook (Mod L), Robert Fletcher (U Student), Gunjan Talati (Student), and Peter McGuire (Exec. Board Liaison)


The Student Grievance and Appeal Committee considered nine cases brought before it in 2001-2002. This represents a more than doubling of the SGAC's case load as compared to the previous year.


Two of the cases appealed to the SGAC involved non-academic misconduct. The appeals were found to be without merit, and we recommended they be denied.


Seven of the cases appealed to the SGAC involved academic misconduct. For two cases, involving three individuals, we recommended the granting of re-hearings. For a third case, we recommended reduction of the sanction. We recommended denial of the remaining four appeals.