Student Academic & Financial Affairs Committee


2005-2006 Annual Report



Committee: Greg Corso (Psych), Linda Cabot (OIT) Executive Board Liaison, Cheryl Gaimon (Mgt), Mo Li (MSE), Patty Sobecky (Biol), Rita Pikowsky (Registrar), Ed Omiecinski (CoC) Chair, Chris Skipweth (UG student rep), Charles Simons (UG student rep)  




   The committee met six times during the academic year and in accordance with

   the Georgia Tech faculty handbook, reviewed policy and procedures for Career

   Services, Admissions and Student Financial Planning.    


   The following people attended one of the committee meetings to represent

   their specific organization:


   Ralph Mobley, Director of Career Services, gave an overview of the resources

   and programs for students and employers that his organization provides, such

   as career counseling, internships/externships and the career fair. 


   Ingrid Hayes, Director of Admissions, gave the committee an overview of the

   admissions process, including admission criteria, acceptance yield and various

   statistics about the process and outcome.


   Marie Mons, Director of Student Financial Planning & Services, presented an

   overview of her office's activities. Her presentation included statistics

   about financial aid applicants/recipients,  trends in student financial needs

   and outreach activities.